werk+beobachtung+eigentlich+macht der gedanken


The piece is not based on John cage’s smoked lithography „9 stones“ but on the visual imagination of climbing up a ladder (scale,t hen when reached the peak) which is pushed back in the moment the piece is materializing
( the piece quotates Harry Lehmann’s picture „Explaining Isabel Mundry's ‚Sandschleifen’ “ ) .

The German word for scale (Tonleiter) inscripts the possibility of another image of a ladder made of clay.

The German word for ladder (Leiter) has a double meaning a) ladder and b) conductor. Conducted suppurating (Leiter without the L-letter) tones.

Reverse „TON“ - NOT

“TON/leiter“ is based on the sound-image of a collapsing ladder made of clay in 3 sets

1. collapsing on stone ground

2. collapsing on pus

3. collapsing on electricity