werk+beobachtung+eigentlich+macht der gedanken

AEA - the art of explaining art

Here is a sculptural piece that does not refer to Nietzsche’s night and is made of dark matter in the shape of a tower.I chose the expression „tower“ to underline the Tarot’s connotation of a „dramatic liberation“ which is also symbolized by the golden crown (civilization) that shields the sculpture from above.The surface is all coated by ivory intarsias which refer to the „Law of Octaves“ and opposed to most other art objects the recipient is invited to touch the sculpture.By doing so one can get enjoying tactile sensations and a well being radiation might transfer from within.The cause for that might be the next space within that is filled with zero microsiems water which transfers healing quality because it stems from deep hidden caves in the Himalaya.
The water zone symbolizes the union of the Transatlantic & Pacific oceans.Next you can see a drip of blood that resounds from a single sombre low tone resonant from an inner heliocentric model of floating cubes made of diverse matters (in black & white photography) that is connected to the sparkling detonator that surrounds a group in contemplation.

The artist is present and constantly celebrating
his "Art of Explaining Art" in the Gallery Rien Va in P.